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Artist Dawn Pogany is a Pittsburgh artist that specializes in mixed media. These pieces, which are composed of paint and vintage materials on canvas. Her Pittsburgh artwork ranges from minimal and contemporary to intricate and detailed. Dawn would be happy to create a special piece for your home or office space!

Artwork by SAS owner and artist Samantha Silvas

Artwork by SAS owner and artist Samantha Silvas

Portraits vary from project to project. Many people request portraits based off of photographs, while others simply have an idea in mind that they’d like to see brought to life through artwork. Some people love that gritty, sketchy look, while others enjoy classic lines with lots of detail. Each client is unique and different, and we can certainly deliver. Click on the images below to see the full artwork.

These lovely ladies were painted for two separate clients. The first (right) was painted for a client that wanted a triptych (three paneled) painting of a reclining mermaid, in an Art Deco style, which fit with the architectural details of their circa 1920’s home.Another client found the painting online, and requested their own version!

Artwork can be both soft and powerful, as shown in these two delicate etchings! Do you have an idea that you’d like to see brought to life in artwork? One of our Pittsburgh artists would be happy to create something unique for you. Shipping nationwide!

Sometimes we receive very fun, unique requests. This dapper gentleman requested a large portrait of himself, in head to toe Renaissance clothing, as a gift to his best friend who was getting married. With a custom frame this is a stunning piece. Whether or not the bride agreed to this, we might never know, but Samantha Anne Studios definitely delivered!

This painting is full of color, rhythm, and soul, created for a person that wanted to bring the aura of an underground jazz club into his home with this Pittsburgh art work piece. The design wasn’t meant to be at all realistic, proportional or with correct perspective, but rather create a visual representation of jazz music.