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What was so fun about creating this mural was the use of color. It was painted in a nursery in Sewickley, Pennsylvania; the owners of the home wanted a room for their grandson that loves exotic animals. Throughout the painting are specs of gold, and pearlescent sheen, creating a whimsical, otherworldly landscape.

This mural was designed and created for a resident lounge at a hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This windowless room was drab, but this painting really brings it to the next level. The most difficult part of creating this landscape was the extreme texture of the wall. It was so bumpy! The hospital wanted a mural that emphasized the beauty that is the view from Mount Washington, looking onto the city of Pittsburgh below. All in all, it creates a great first impression for interviewing medical students,and makes a lasting statement. One of our many specialties is that we are the premier Pittsburgh murals painter in the city and across the nation.

In Cleveland, OH at Inca Tea INC you’ll find this fun, graphic, black and white mural. It was painted to showcase all of the local landmarks, including the Christmas Story house, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Cleveland Natural History Museum.

Woodland Middle School in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho worked hard to make this painting come to fruition. Through donations and fundraisers, the school worked with Samantha Anne Studios to design and cultivate this mural. They had two design requirements: inclusion of their mascot, a grizzly, and the American flag. With these requirements, Samantha came up with the idea of putting the flag in the clouds, as part of the sky. The audience for this mural is children, so she wanted the artwork to be fun and bright so that it could be appreciated by the broadest possible audience.

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the top of this mural is almost 40 feet in the air! The school generously supplied a scissor lift so that the project could be completed safely. Public art work such as this are great because many people won’t enter into an art gallery and have no idea the beauty and splendor that can be created.

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Wallace, Idaho is a small mining town located off the Interstate 90 in the mountains of Northern Idaho near the Montana border. This was painted as a tribute to the town’s rich heritage, and in honor of all of the men and women that dedicated their lives to mining industry. This project was a community effort, to say the least! A committee of local art collectors and enthusiasts, including Samantha Anne Studios owner, Samantha Silvas, strategized over how to fund, develop, and create a large scale mural to be placed in a courtyard downtown. Because of their efforts, this mural now proudly stands.Based on a 1905 photograph.


This risqué beauty was painted onto exposed brick in The Fainting Goat, A Wine Bar, located in Wallace, Idaho. The owners of the restaurant wanted her to be sleeping across an ocean of sheets, reminiscent of 18th century French nude artwork.

Oftentimes, a client wants to see what a project will look like before it’s actually been painted. This is why we offer digital renderings. These digital drawings were used for a mural design in Pittsburgh. Our Pittsburgh mural artists can create original, interesting pieces of artwork, before ever putting a brush to wall! This is a great package to use for clients that want to have input and collaboration before the artwork is produced.