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Cityscapes are a great way to show pride in the city that you hold dear! Both of these paintings are acrylic on canvas.The dark and stormy image is a view of downtown from the north side of the city of Pittsburgh. It was donated to the Make A Wish Foundation as a raffle prize, and was certainly a big hit.

The second cityscape is a view of downtown Pittsburgh from Mount Washington. This was a corporate project for an interior office space, and certainly brightens up a windowless room while giving a unique take on classic Pittsburgh art from a Pittsburgh artist.

En Plein Air is the act of painting on site outside. This watercolor series was painted En Plein Air along the curving hills of the Palouse outside of Moscow, Idaho. We do offer En Plein Air services, if you have a favorite spot you’d like to bring home with you, in Pittsburgh or beyond!

Do you have a photograph that you’d like to see transformed into a one of a kind piece of custom artwork? These landscapes make beautiful and special wall art for your home or office. Created in the style of your choice (impressionistic, realistic, abstracted, whatever you’d like!) and in any medium of your preference (oil or acrylic on canvas, watercolor, pen, ink, graphite...) each piece of artwork is designed 100% to fit the client’s needs and aesthetic.

This custom painting really shows the meeting point of abstract and classical landscape, coupled with a custom frame. It is truly one of a kind.

IMG_1192 2.jpg

This 56” painting was incorporated into an office with an amazing collection of Japanese art and artifacts. The client wanted a fresh take on a Japanese scroll, and Samantha Anne Studios delivered!

Rather than focusing on the entire city, this pen and ink drawing focuses on the intricate steel of the Eiffel Tower. This drawing is created with a fine point pen, and is a great addition to a beautiful entryway in a residential client’s home.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 2.33.42 PM.png

Floating somewhere between abstract and landscape, this canyon-esque painting was inspired by the rugged landscape of Arizona. Our landscapes span not only Pittsburgh, but the United States, and the world!.


Sometimes a client knows exactly what they want for their office space. This particular project was based on a list of wants: “A ship, struggling in a storm, with big rolling clouds and chopping waves.” We delivered!

Artist Dawn Pogany is an artist that specializes in mixed media. These pieces, which are composed of paint and vintage materials on canvas, conveys a sort of dark and mysterious beauty. Dawn would be happy to create a special piece for your home or office space.