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A black and white minimal floral art piece makes a statement in this modern living room.

Every piece of artwork from our Pittsburgh artists is dictated by what the client wants. These watercolor flowers were painted to be less realistic, and more whimsical and abstract. The splatters of paint are created by taking a wet brush and flicking paint onto the paper. Created by SASLLC artist and owner Samantha Silvas.

This is a series of watercolor botanicals— a study of plants. Each flower was painted with a teensy tiny watercolor brush to paint the tiny details of the petals and stems. This cheery wall art collection looks great in it’s Pittsburgh home!

This piece was created for a client that had an idea of what they wanted, but didn’t know how to bring it to fruition. They were looking for something with bright color, a combination of realism and abstract elements, and wanted the subject matter to be based off of his wife’s love of her garden flowers (specifically columbine and fox gloves) and hummingbirds. It would have taken him FOREVER to find a painting that met all of those descriptions, especially within the right price range.

This is how Samantha Anne Studios delivers the finest Pittsburgh artwork to our clients, whether they want Pittsburgh art or something else! We took all of these ideas, and created a custom piece of original artwork that met all of the specifications needed for this special piece of wall art. Created by SASLLC artist and owner Samantha Silvas.

Based off of a photograph of a palm sent by a client, this painting is at a large scale, spanning the width of a queen-size bed. It’s against a gorgeous navy blue wall, which is why there are delicate navy veins throughout the palm. Hanging over the headboard of the bed, this piece commands attention. Created by SASLLC artist and owner Samantha Silvas.

This watercolor on paper was commissioned by a Pittsburgh realtor that wanted a very special gift for a client. The painting was created to match the aesthetic and color palette of the new home owners.

What is a still life? Natural or manmade, a still life is a painting or drawing which focuses on one or more inanimate objects. A Still life can be quite intimate, like a portrait of one’s favorite things, or completely random. A still life can be created to be realistic, abstract, impressionistic... there’s no wrong way! Still life artwork can be very personal, and make for very special gifts. Sometimes a client has a photo that they’d like to see reimagined as artwork, and some people have a list of things they’d like to see in the painting or drawing. There’s no wrong way to order a custom still life from your favorite Pittsburgh artist!

While this isn’t a floral painting or drawing, nor is it truly a still life, it really pairs nicely with floral watercolors for a soft, feminine room. This piece is really unique of itself, as it isn’t a traditional drawing or painting. It’s actually three dimensional! Each butterfly was hand drawn onto a thick card stock, then cut with a delicate knife, and arranged around an open frame. Created by SASLLC artist and owner Samantha Silvas.

Inspired by Buddhist mandalas, this piece of artwork is made with careful precision to achieve its symmetry. The medium is watercolor and ink on a heavy watercolor paper. This was a very special gift! Created by SASLLC artist and owner Samantha Silvas.