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We offer a free consultation to see the difference of working with Samantha Anne Studios.  Most people are able to fill their walls with art that fits not only their personal style, but more importantly, their budget.

Samantha Anne Studios offers free consultation for all clients, whether you are looking for a single custom painting to hang over your fireplace or you would like artwork for your entire office.  


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When you visit Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Wayfair - you are paying getting mass produced pieces that don’t fit your home or office and that are rather expensive. When you work with Samantha Anne Studios we are able to learn your exact style and look, make a piece that is always the perfect size, at a price that will make you come back again and again.

Do you want the same art work that your neighbor or friend has, or do you want some truly unique? Artwork that is as unique as you. When you partner with Samantha Anne Studios, we deliver custom artwork with only one person in mind - you!


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Still unsure about moving forward? We promise that our consultation is 100% free and no obligation - we simply love art and want to help you to understand your style. Working with an artist has never been easier, and we take pride in bringing custom art to people that never considered it. If you keep looking online or in stores for a piece that you just can’t find, then contact Samantha Anne Studios today! We will listen to you, visualize your space, and work to create the perfect piece for any room!

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