“Can Your Pittsburgh Artists do This?” And other Common Questions

Samantha Anne Studios LLC is a studio of Pittsburgh artists that create custom artwork for homes, office spaces, restaurants, hotels…. Anywhere with a blank wall that needs to come to life!

Tailored to your budget & style, we make it our goal to find or create the perfect piece for you.  Mediums include but are not limited to: oil & acrylic paintings, large-scaled murals, watercolor paintings, photography, & printing media. We will work with you to discover what your personal style is, and will adjust the artwork according to your taste. Is this expensive? No! When working with a Pittsburgh Artist of Samantha Anne Studios, we work to understand your vision and bring it to life. No more going to expensive galleries for over-priced art.  Now you can get the art you want, with the size that you need, for a price that won’t break the bank!

Question: Can your Pittsburgh Artists do something in a specific style?

Our portfolio consists of past projects that were custom-designed to fit the need of our clients. Therefore, if you see one of our Pittsburgh artists paintings that you like, we can create something similar for you. On the other hand, if you don’t see something in the style that you prefer, we are known for our ability to create artwork for homes, offices, and any space, at any style. One of our consultants will work with you to create something that fits your needs.

Question: How do you find inspiration for custom artwork?

We have created a quick and easy consultation method that is collaborative between the buyer and our Pittsburgh artists. Through this consultation, we determine what works best for our customer’s space, color palette and aesthetic.

If artistic jargon isn’t in your vocabulary, not to worry. Through a guided questionnaire, we are able to discover what your style preference is. Whether you’d like a Pittsburgh artist to create something hyperreal or abstract (or something in between), maximal or minimal (again, or something in between), feminine or masculine, warm or cool toned….. we will work with you to create the perfect artwork for your home, office, business, restaurant, mural, etc.

Question: How do you choose canvas/paper/paint type/ for a job?

Through our consultation process, we work with the client’s budget and style to determine what is the best medium for the job. Acrylic on canvas has a matte finish, Oil paint has a luminescent quality, and watercolor is semi translucent and typically painted on paper. Each project is completely different than the next, and catered to the needs of our clientele.

Question: Can I order more than one painting or drawing at a time?

Absolutely! Whether you’re ordering artwork for your home, office, or larger space, such as a hotel or a coworking space, we can do it. From a single piece of artwork or enough to fill an entire hotel, one of our Pittsburgh artists will be happy to create something unique for you.

Question: Do you only do work locally in Pittsburgh?

Our Pittsburgh mural artists, and custom artists aren’t limited to the city of Pittsburgh and travel nationally. Consultation can be done via phone, email, and Skype, and shipped anywhere within the United States.

Most projects typically take three to four weeks to complete. If your project is in Pittsburgh, PA or the surrounding areas, in-person delivery is an option. Otherwise, we ship nationwide! We also travel for projects that need to be created on-site, such as murals or large corporate or residential projects. We are the top studio in Pittsburgh for murals that works across the nation!  No matter where you are, the Pittsburgh artists of Samantha Anne Studios will fill your walls!

Question: What is the right time to plan office space artwork?

For larger custom art projects, 3-6 months before a grand opening is a great time to get in contact with us. What better way to have an impactful opening than with custom artwork on all of your walls? Artwork makes an amazing first impression.

After a plan, budget, and timeline has been established, our artists will work to create your customized artwork.  When you are looking for where to buy Pittsburgh art, don’t just go to a gallery - partner with Samantha Anne Studios to have your perfect piece designed just for you!  If you add in a custom frame, you will have a truly special piece for your office!

Question: Do you work with Interior Designers?

One of our favorite parts of what we do is working with interior designers. We know and understand that it can take a lot of time to find the perfect piece of artwork for a space, and in order to make it fit within budget, oftentimes designers have to order prints or mass produced artwork. Searching for the perfect piece of artwork is so time consuming, so part of our job is to take that time off of the shoulders of designers.

We have worked out a quick, effective and collaborative system of creating one-of-a-kind, custom artwork. All of our Pittsburgh artwork is designed specifically with the taste, aesthetic, and budget of the project in mind, and created by local Pittsburgh artists.

Question: I would love some artistic elements for our upcoming wedding. Would you be a good contact for this?

Absolutely. Many people find themselves in a place where they have an idea or theme for a special event, but they don’t know how to translate their ideas into reality. At Samantha Anne Studios, our team can work with you to customize the event you were dreaming of. From signage, lettering, handcrafted invitations & personalized envelopes, to photo booth murals & tablescapes we can work to create your vision within a comfortable budget.  Browse our galleries to learn how our Pittsburgh artists paintings and other unique pieces can bring the ultimate flair to your next event!

Question: Do you sketch the artwork first?

Oftentimes, a client wants to see what a project will look like before it’s actually been painted. This is why we offer digital renderings. Our Pittsburgh artists can create original, interesting pieces of artwork, before ever putting a brush to canvas! This is a great package to use for clients that want to have input and collaboration before the artwork is produced.