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This series is located in a law firm, right outside of Pittsburgh (Zihmer Law Firm). The clients wanted custom wall art that flowed from one room to the next but didn’t look too contrived or overly matched. The purple, gold and teal painting creates a warm welcome painted for their conference room, and the painting with the pink accents was created for the clients’ office space. Each piece was created specifically to match the furniture, wall space, and design of each room, creating a cohesive and professional environment.

This painting was created for a gorgeous home outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This work was a collaboration with interior designer Kim Popp, of Kimberly Popp Design Company. The home owners and the designer wanted something with bold, primary colors. They found a painting that they loved online that was well outside of their price range, which is why they worked directly with an art consultant; to get the results that they wanted within their budget. The goal was this: a painting reminiscent of a forest, but broken down and abstracted. Samantha Anne Studios delivered!

This painting measures over 90” long! It was created to be completely abstract, but shows lots of depth and a wide range of color. It certainly is a piece that makes a statement!


Traditional Painting

These paintings are all created with a traditional method of paint on canvas, using materials including a palette knife, a variety of brushes, and techniques such as splatter paint, dry brushing, and blending. Oil on canvas creates a satin sheen, while acrylic dries matte with sharper edges.

Artist Dawn Pogany is an artist that specializes in mixed media. These pieces are composed of paint and vintage materials on canvas. Her artwork ranges from minimal to intricate. Dawn would be happy to create a special piece for your home or office space!

Acrylic Pour

Acrylic Pour is a technique that has become very popular over the past few years, thanks to social media and YouTube artists. Prep for this method of painting is very essential. Each color of acrylic paint is poured into a separate cup. Added into each cup is a bit of water, a paint conditioner, and liquid silicon. These ingredients get gently stirred together, causing the paint to separate into cellular structures within the cup. Each color is then poured into a singular cup; layering is important! Each color going into the cup mixes and reacts with the next color, creating a galaxy-like pattern. The mixture is then poured onto the canvas, and moved around until the paint reaches all of the edges of the paint. Fire from a torch is lightly applied over the top, creating beautiful patterns and specs throughout the artwork. After it’s completely dried, a resin or varnish is poured over top, creating shine and saturating the colors.


Ribbons of Color

These ribbons of color are created with a watercolor technique called masking. Layers of masking fluid are dripped onto the painting layered with swirls of intricate design and color. there’s about three to four layers of masking fluid and paint applied to the paper with dripping and brushing methods. Once the paint is completely dry, the masking fluid is rubbed off, revealing the painting beneath!

Depending on the project, designs are drawn on top of the art with black ink. These paintings look beautiful in residential and corporate spaces.