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Meet Samantha

Samantha was originally an art teacher in the tiny town of Wallace, Idaho. Because of the size of the little mountain town, it was easy to become known as the town’s Artist. Outside of teaching Art, Art History and taking on the role of Student Council Advisor, Samantha was able to take on a high volume of commissions and projects during the summer and after school. She was commissioned for residential projects, including custom wall art for people’s homes, and corporate artwork for local restaurants and buildings.  

While Samantha enjoyed her life in Wallace, the opportunities in a town of less than a thousand people were limited. She and her fiancé (now husband) searched the country for a city that met her artistic and his scholastic needs (he was in his final year of medical school). Hello Pittsburgh!

Artwork by SASLLC owner and artist Samantha Silvas

Samantha’s first job in her new city was at a high-end Pittsburgh art gallery. She wanted to expand her knowledge of commercial and residential artwork, get to know the process of working on art consultation projects, and learn what the needs and demands of the average art client were. 

One of the first things that Samantha noticed was that people can be very intimidated by fine art galleries. People who walked in off the street seemed nervous to talk about artwork. They would either shy away because of the prices, or feel uncomfortable discussing the artwork itself. Sometimes, they wouldn’t like the current art being displayed, and turn around and leave. Samantha noticed one theme that held constant across all of her exploration, a culture of exclusiveness. There seemed to be a disconnect between those that could appreciate artwork and those that could afford artwork.  


At the gallery, Samantha worked as an art consultant, where she would come up with a plan for what artwork would go where. She felt comfortable communicating her ideas with others, and finding pieces that could work with the space. But the problem with gallery style artwork is that all art purchasers and seekers—interior designers, decorators, collectors, and people simply interested in artwork for their home or business—have to search through gallery inventory to find the perfect piece, or they have to scour the millions of pieces available on the internet. Either way, it can take days, weeks, years sometime to find that “perfect” piece of artwork. Often, after all of that work, the art would be too expensive, already sold, a print of an original piece of artwork, or not the right size. In the back of her head, she would think, “I am an artist. I can change and evolve my own artistic style to meet the needs of this client. I wish I could save us all the hassle and just make the perfect piece of artwork for this space.”  

This sparked an idea is Samantha’s mind. What is the artwork is made to fit a space, rather than working to find a piece that’s already made? Instead of selling artwork like a gallery, “Here is the art that we have, or we can find art for you”—her studio would create artwork that is all custom and made to order, each piece being made specifically to meet the needs of each individual client, whether it be a single piece of art to hang above a mantle, or an entire lobby of artwork for a corporate client.  

This started the launch of Samantha Anne Studios LLC.

Samantha creating a mural in Wallace, Idaho.

Artwork by SASLLC owner and artist Samantha Silvas

 While many artists find their own personal style through study and practice, Samantha found that she could successfully morph her artistic style to fit the needs of clients. Abstracts, minimal design, complicated and realistic, architectural or organic, botanical or portraits, large-scale murals or small little accent paintings, Samantha felt confident that she could create the customized artwork that clients and art lovers desire. She loved working in different mediums—oil paint, acrylic, pastel, graphite, and in different styles—traditional, minimal, whimsical, graphic, modern—and thought that this was a great way to meet people’s needs, while not limiting herself to one style. 

She used her expertise in art consultation to work with lots of different types of clients. Some clients knew exactly what they wanted for their restaurant, office space, business or home, and spent time collecting ideas and photos of beautiful spaces that inspired them. Other clients were at a loss about what kind of work they wanted on their blank walls, and needed the guidance, support and clarity from Samantha, creating a space that worked for them. 

Most architects, interior designers or decorators don’t want to spend those precious hours searching through website after website to find the right piece of artwork for a client, and want an efficient place to order artwork, customized to the space being designed in a quick, convenient, collaborative and hassle-free environment. Instead of the hassle of looking for a piece to match the design of their space, they just come to Samantha Anne Studios, and we will work to make that piece for you. 

Original work by SASLLC artist Dawn Pogany

One thing that was important for Samantha was to not work alone. A team environment is important for a lot of different reasons. Working with other artists is a great way to bounce ideas, collaborate, and become involved with the community. She decided that in order for her business to grow, she would hire out other artists for projects as well. This system gives other artists opportunities to grow their own portfolios and work creatively, while keeping the turn-around time for projects minimal. No wait lists or months long turnaround time here! She works hard to find and hire professional and talented artists that enjoy creating custom artwork, and who can also adjust their own personal style to meet the needs of clients.  

All work created through Samantha Anne Studios LLC is original. None of the pieces are copies or prints. Samantha and her team work diligently to create the perfect piece suited to a client’s style, down to color palette, brushstroke preference, theme, and design. While Samantha Anne Studios is based out of Pittsburgh, PA, artwork is shipped nationally. They love to travel! Projects that are required to be performed on-location are absolutely encouraged, so if you are out of the Pittsburgh area, don’t worry. Samantha Anne Studios works nationwide.  

Original artwork by SASLLC artist Dawn Pogany

Original artwork by SASLLC artist Dawn Pogany

If you have ever walked into a gallery and felt out of place, or don’t know where to start, we encourage you to request a free art consultation to see the difference of working with Samantha Anne Studios. Most people are able to fill their walls with art that fits not only their personal style, but more importantly, their budget. Samantha Anne Studios offers free consultation for all their clients, whether you are looking for a single custom painting to hang over your fireplace, or you would like artwork for your entire office.

The Studio

Drawing by artist and SASLLC owner Samantha Silvas

Samantha Anne Studios LLC specializes in creating custom artwork for residential and commercial spaces by our Pittsburgh artists. Owner Samantha Silvas collaborates and consults projects of all sizes, using a network of artists to create custom pieces of artwork. We are happy to collaborate with clients nationwide & can provide those out of the Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania area with consultation via phone, email & Skype.

The mission at Samantha Anne Studios is to foster collaboration between artists & clients to provide customized, affordable, high-quality artistic solutions.